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The Jury

June 2024
1min read

I was both appalled and delighted by the July/August issue of American Heritage. I am first appalled by the photo of O. J. Simpson on the front cover. In my years of reading American Heritage I have seen a historical perspective put on the issues of the day and appreciate your treatment of both current and past issues. However, I cannot believe that you went to the tabloid mass media for your O. J. Simpson cover. The discussion of the jury system was thought-provoking and balanced, but could have been missed by those who only saw the cover.

Once I got past the cover, however, I found the quality and variety that I have come to expect from your magazine. The lady brakemen’s struggle for recognition and the historical background on the fall of the Barings bank (“The Business of America”) gave me a better perspective on the events they discussed. Even the article on the jury system gave me a greater respect for the problems that we are struggling with today. Finally, having just started to dip my toe into the Net, I can even now see the possibilities for exchange of information and the new forums available for debate. I am glad to hear that American Heritage will be there with me.

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