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More Wall

February 2024
1min read

I have just completed reading the most interesting article, “Where Berlin and America Meet,” by Fredric Smoler (April/May 2003). When my husband and I were in Berlin the summer before last, we tried to follow the path of the Wall as best we could, and I must question Mr. Smoler’s comment that “only a short stretch of the Wall remains. It’s the Berlin Wall Memorial, at the corner of Bernauerstrasse and Ackerstrasse.” My husband and I visited this section of the Wall with the “Topography of Terror” exhibit nearby, but we also found two other sections remaining near Potsdamer Platz in the middle of a construction site. Actually, I believe the picture shown on page 59 bearing the caption “The Wall as art gallery” is of a section called the East-Side-Gallery. Something may have changed in the two years since we were there, but I hope not. We’re planning a return visit in October, and we’ll be checking. We spent only three days before, and it just wasn’t enough time.

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