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To Plan A Trip

July 2024
1min read

Anaheim is filled with motels of every grade; but Disney was stretched financially when he was building Disneyland, and even the “official” Disneyland Hotel is under separate ownership. It is up to immaculate Disney standards, nonetheless, and is the only hotel served by the park’s monorail. There are two especially attractive Disney-owned hotels at Disney World: the Contemporary and the more relaxed Polynesian Village. Both are very good, and the fact that they are linked to the monorail—it goes right through the Contemporary’s lobby—makes them particularly convenient. For information on prices and hours in Disneyland, call 714-999-4565; in Disney World, 305-824-4321. Steve Birnbaum wrote the official guides to both parks, and they contain all the information anyone needs to plan a Disney vacation.

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