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To Plan A Trip

May 2024
1min read

For information on Jekyll and the other barrier islands off the Georgia JL coast, contact the state tourist office at 1-800-VISIT-GA (P.O. Box 1776, Atlanta, GA 30301). The Jekyll Island Visitors Bureau (1-800-841-6586, P.O. Box 3186, Jekyll Island, GA 31520) will provide a calendar of events and information on accommodations. Various packages are offered by the Jekyll Island Club Hotel (912-635-2600, 371 Riverview Drive, Jekyll Island, GA 31520). Jekyll is located seventy miles up the coast from Jacksonville, Florida, and is accessible via a causeway that the state built in the 1950s to replace the old ferry service. To set the scene, The Jekyll Island Club , by William B. McCash and June H. McCash (University of Georgia Press), is a good recounting of the early days, with a wealth of evocative photos. The full story of the State Era has yet to be written.

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