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Remembering Rarey

June 2024
1min read

Thank you for your article on George Rarey. His son, Damon, until his untimely death, was a member of the same organization that I belong to, and we were brothers in spirit if not in flesh. That organization is the American World War II Orphans Network. We represent the approximately 183,000 sons and daughters left fatherless by that war, and we invite anyone who lost a father then, or just has an interest, to visit our Web site at

We timed our 2004 conference in Washington, D.C., to coincide with the dedication of the World War II Memorial. I believe we are the first group to hold an organized event at the Memorial after its dedication. At a candlelight service on May 31, the names of all the fathers of our members in attendance were read by their grand- and great-grandchildren.

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