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Stories Published in this Year

An Interview With the President and the First Lady

1954 50 Years Ago | November/December 2004 (Volume: 55, Issue: 6)

The Demagogue’s Downfall

Women’s History | November/December 2004 (Volume: 55, Issue: 6)

Women’s history today is no longer a backwater, nor is the profession of history a male craft.

Like the nation it covers, American Heritage was revolutionary at its birth. And like that nation’s story, ours is a real cliffhanger.

The Collar | October 2004 (Volume: 55, Issue: 5)

An Early Arrest Proved No Deterrent

1879 125 Years Ago | October 2004 (Volume: 55, Issue: 5)

Let There Be Light

George Henry Sharpe’s Bureau of Military Information helped win the Civil War—and is especially worth remembering today

One of his least-known contributions to modern life is also one of his most important

Inventing The Presidency | October 2004 (Volume: 55, Issue: 5)

As America goes into its fifty-fifth presidential election, we should remember that there might have been only one—if we hadn’t had the only candidate on earth who could do the job

Why Do We Say That? | October 2004 (Volume: 55, Issue: 5)


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