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February 2024
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Every would-be Shaker collector should view the order’s work firsthand and invest in a few good illustrated reference books such as Shaker Design , by June Sprigg. John T. Kirk’s The Shaker World: Art, Life, Belief is a particularly ambitious work that’s out of print but, as this is written, still available from the Shaker Museum and Library in Old Chatham, New York ( , 518-794-9100). That institution and Hancock Shaker Village ( , 800-817-1137), about 45 minutes away in Pittsfield, Massachusetts, both have ranking collections, as does the Shaker Museum at South Union in Kentucky ( , 800-811-8379). Visit if at all possible, and when you’re ready to buy, consult the Willis Henry auction catalogues, available both online and in print ( , 781-834-7774).

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