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Middle Ages, The


Between the Fall of Rome and the Renaissance were the Middle Ages. Once seen as a thousand years of warfare, religious infighting, and
cultural stagnation, they are now understood to be the vital connection between the past and the present. Along with the battles that
helped shape the modern world are a rich heritage of architecture, arts, and literature, of empire and its dissolution. It was the era of the
Crusades and the Norman Conquest, the Black Death and the fall of Constantinople. It is a landscape both familiar and foreign, dark and
foreboding at times, but also filled with the promise and potential of the future.
This anthology, compiled by the Editor of American Heritgae, includes essays by leading historians including Richard Winston on the
Barbarian invasions, Regine Pernoud on Charlemagne, Morris Bishop on life in the year 1,000, Islam in Iberia, the Norman Conquest,
Troubadors, the achievements of the Byzantine Empire, King Alfonso the Learned of Castille and his scholarship and art, the Knights
Templar, and the Black Death.

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