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Vietnam War: The Best of American Heritage


This brilliant anthology tells the dramatic story of America's war in Vietnam, with essays by ten leading American historians including Max Boot, Douglas Brinkley, Victor Davis Hanson, and Stanley Karnow.

Compiled and introduced by American Heritage Editor Edwin Grosvenor, the book covers topics from the first American deaths in Vietnam, the dramatic victory at Ia Drang, the Tet offensive, and, finally, the building of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial.  

Also included is the report on American Heritage's extensive investigation into the controversial Gulf of Tonkin attack, in which we interviewed the officers and crew of the USS Mattox and reviewed the ship's logs to determine what really happened.



This is a significant book looking at both the historic and human side of America's involvement in Vietnam.  I highly recommend that people read this thoughtful and well written work.
--Jan C Scruggs
Founder, Vietnam Veterans Memorial in Washington DC
Board of Advisors, Global War on Terror Memorial

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