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World War II, AH History of


The American Heritage History of World War II was first published in 1966. At the time, author and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist C.L.
Sulzberger received widespread praise for his authoritative account of the six-year war that involved more than fifty-six nations, resulted
in the death of some 22 million people, and shaped the course of history. His work became a standard reference on the war.
Stephen E. Ambrose, one of the most highly regarded historians of our time, oversaw a major revision of this classic work. Seamlessly
incorporating new material and insights, Ambrose produced a comprehensive and riveting account of the war’s key characters and events.
In planes and foxholes, in deserts and jungles, on ships and beaches, Ambrose shines a light on the people involved - the leaders, the
fighters, the victims. He also added new chapters on the atrocities of the Holocaust and revelations about the secret war of espionage.
Ambrose’s analysis also offers insight into the events that precipitated the Cold War.
This book captures the courage, commitment, military genius, and horror of the war that gave birth to a new era in world politics. For
students, history buffs, and fascinated readers, The American Heritage History of World War II is the definitive single-volume work on the
subject and will endure as a major narrative of world history.


"C.L. Sulzberger has written an objective and engrossing commentary on the world wars. There is a feeling about the book that is
consonant with the gigantic struggle it depicts."
--San Francisco Chronicle

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