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Middle Ages, The


In this indispensable volume, one of America's ranking scholars combines a life's work of research and teaching with the art of lively
narration. Both authoritative and beautifully told, The Middle Ages is the full story of the thousand years between the fall of Rome and the
Renaissance - a time that saw the rise of kings and emperors, the flowering of knighthood, the development of Europe, the increasing
power of the Catholic Church, and the advent of the middle class.
With exceptional grace and wit, Morris Bishop vividly reconstructs this distinctive era of European history in a work that will inform and
delight scholars and general readers alike.
"Mr. Bishop, the sage of Cornell, says here almost everything of transending importance about the Middle Ages and says it better than it
has ever been said before. One feels great sympathy for those who must follow him...." --Louisville Courier-Journal

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