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The End Of Liberalism?

June 2024
1min read

As an ex-liberal I read with interest and general agreement your well-researched article on liberalism’s demise. However, I would like to add two points:

First, liberalism isn’t dead or even in any danger. It is alive and well in institutional and statutory federal and state bureaucracy, which will not be changed any time soon, even by the new “antigovernment mood” of the people. Many of the flower children and storefront attorneys of the 1960s are functioning as bureaucrats in comfortable government management jobs exerting immense power and control over all of us.

Second, my conversion from a young liberal, who worked to defeat Goldwater in 1964, to a conservative took place over a long period of time. It came about not so much by accepting dogma from a conservative “smoothly running political machine” but through my observation over the years of the almost complete failure of liberal policies.

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