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Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

Agua Caliente Cultural Museum

Through exhibitions, collections, research, and educational programs, the museum portrays the history and culture of the Agua Caliente and other indigenous peoples. Visitors can experience exhibits like "Dream of the Blue Frog (Wahaatukicnikic Tetayaw)", which explores the history and lore of the Agua Caliente Hot Spring and "Cahuilla Cowboys – Making Our Marks", which explores how cattle and horses were an important source of livelihood for the Cahuilla people. Other exhibits include "A Woman of Influence: Flora Patencio", which examines the life of Flora Patencio, a strong leader among the Agua Caliente people who participated in some of the most important political and cultural decisions of her time, and "Cahuilla Pottery: Beauty from Utility", illustrating the Cahuilla ceramic tradition with water storage ollas, cooking pots, and containers with painted designs.

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