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Agate Fossil Beds National Memorial

Agate Fossil Beds National Memorial

During the 1890s, scientists rediscovered what the Lakota Sioux already knew - bones preserved in one of the most complete Miocene mammal sites in the world. Yet, Agate is a landscape that reflects many players – from early animals roaming the valleys and hills, to tribal nations calling the High Plains home, to explorers and ranchers passing through or settling in the American West. Agate offers a wide variety of activities for its visitors. From the dramatic displays to the breath-taking trails - there's something for everyone. The outdoor activities include walking or hiking the Fossil Hills Trail or the Daemonelix Trail. Inside, the site displays a combination of real and replica fossils, an art gallery, and other Sioux artifacts such as fancy beaded or quilled moccasins, Indian games, a painted hide of the Custer Battle, guns, decorated clubs, a dog travois, and much more.

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