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Historic Sites

African American Museum And Library
Oakland, California

The second floor museum regularly hosts traveling and original exhibitions that highlig

African American Museum In Philadelphia
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

The first institution built by a major U.S.

African Burial Ground National Monument
New York, New York

From the 1690s until the 1790s, both free and enslaved Africans were buried in a 6.6 ac

Afroamerican Cultural Center
Charlotte, North Carolina

The Afro-American Cultural Center (AACC) of Charlotte is a distinguished, 33-year old i

Alabama Capitol
Montgomery, Alabama

Completed in 1851, this National Historic Landmark is a museum of state history and pol

American Jazz Museum
Kansas City, Missouri

Celebrating the artistic, historical, and cultural contributions of jazz, the American

Avery Research Center For African American History & Culture
Charleston, South Carolina

The Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture at the College of Ch

Baltimore Museum Of Art
Baltimore, Maryland

This museum features an eclectic mix of artwork from different cultures, ranging from A

Banneker Douglass Museum
Annapolis, Maryland

The Banneker-Douglass Museum is named for Benjamin Banneker and Frederick Douglass, and

Beck Cultural Exchange Center
Knoxville, Tennessee

The Beck Cultural Exchange Center is an interactive museum that researches and exhibits

Bedford City & County Museum
Bedford, Virginia

This local history museum is housed in a former Masonic Temple dating from 1895.

Billingsley House Museum
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Although Major John Billingsley never lived on the property he acquired from Lord Balti

Black American West Museum
Denver, Colorado

While famous for telling the story of Black cowboys, we are broader than this with inte

Black History Museum And Cultural Center Of Virginia
Richmond, Virginia

Visitors are invited to experience the history and culture of Virginia's African-Americ

Black Police Precinct And Courthouse
Miami, Florida

In September 1944, Miami's first five black police officers were sworn in and given the

Booker T. Washington National Monument
Hardy, Virginia

Author and orator Booker T.

Boston African American National Historic Site
Boston, Massachusetts

It has roughly two dozen sites on the north face of Beacon Hill.

Brown V. Board Of Education National Historic Site
Topeka, Kansas

The U.S. Supreme Court decision in Brown v.

Bulow Plantation Ruins Historic State Park
Flagler Beach, Florida

Visitors can tour the sugar mill ruins and learn about the plantation's history at the

California African American Museum
Los Angeles, California

The California African American Museum provides insight into many different facets of A

Camp Washington Carver
Clifftop, West Virginia

Camp Washington-Carver, a Mountain Cultural Arts Center operated by the state of West V

Castle Clinton National Monument
New York, New York

First intended to keep out a British invasion in 1812, the Castle has transformed over

Charles H. Wright Museum Of African American History
Detroit, Michigan

The Charles H.

Chattanooga African American Museum
Chattanooga, Tennessee

The Chattanooga African American Museum boasts a unique collection of multi-media prese

Civil War Museum At Tredegar Iron Works
Richmond, Virginia

Tredegar was the main production site for Confederate War material, and its five surviv

Connecticut State Library & Supreme Court Building
Hartford, Connecticut

The library and court building became an important repository of local and

Cottonlandia Museum
Greenwood, Mississippi

The archaeology collection, on loan from the L.B.

Cumberland Islands National Seashore
St. Marys, Georgia

Preserved and protected for future generations, Cumberland Island National Seashore inc

Dayton Aviation Heritage National Historical Park
Dayton, Ohio

Dayton Aviation consists of four units that tell the stories of Wilbur Wright, Orville

Debary Hall Historic Site
DeBary, Florida

Visitors to Debary Hall will learn about the nineteenth-century tourism that overtook F

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