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Pronounce It “pewtown,” Son

July 2024
1min read

Grace Lichtenstein’s article, “Pronounce it Callaradda, Son” (October, 1976), inspired a letter from Mr. J. Leslie Tooher of Schenectady, New York:

“Your article states that Pueblo, Colorado, is pronounced ‘Pee-eh-blo’ by residents. This comes as a surprise. I was born in Pueblo around the turn of the century and it was my home until 1923. To my best recollection, I never heard it pronounced any way other than ‘Pwe’blo’ or ‘Pye’blo’ (both ‘e’s being short). Moreover, it is interesting to recall that among the city’s industries, there were then two smelters and a steel-producing plant. When the wind was ‘right,’ the smelter-smoke, soot, and other stenches made life in general unbearable, thus the appellation of ‘Pewtown’ enjoyed wide popularity.”

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