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Rest And Procreation

May 2024
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Peter Quinn’s “Race Cleansing in America” (February/March 2003) stopped short of disclosing the full extent to which Nazi Germany adopted the eugenicists’ goal to “emphasize the value of superior blood and the menace to society of inferior blood.” Following the end of World War II, my unit, the 24th AAA Group HQ, was transferred to Loebendorf, Germany. We were told that our military government included a baby factory. The infants were housed in a lovely home on a lake, in the care of midwives and nurses. Farther up the lake was an imposing villa that was the rest and recreation facility for selected SS sperm donors. The young mothers stayed in a privately operated lodge farther down the lake. Romance and procreation, Nazi style.

Not far from this baby factory was a death factory, Dachau.

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