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Rock Of Ages

July 2024
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We regret that our December, 1975, frontispiece, which showed Isaac Minor standing by the immense granite boulder that was to supply the stone for his mausoleum, disturbed Mary Cotter, the manager of the Greenwood Cemetery Association in Arcata, California.

Ms. Cotter wrote to tell us that we were wrong in our assertion that Minor was buried elsewhere: “He is buried in the mausoleum. He was encrypted December 14, 1915, the place of death being Arcata, California, and the undertaker a Mr. J. A. Todd, now deceased. It would certainly make us feel better if some form of retraction could be made, as there are still members of the Minor family living who plan on being encrypted in said mausoleum.”

Mr. Wilson K. Minor, Isaac’s grandson, also wrote to inform us that—notwithstanding our statement to the contrary—at least three of Isaac’s children are not buried in the mausoleum.

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