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June 2024
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Readers who enjoyed our Cold War coverage in the September issue and wish to return to those stirring days can do so through the offices of Something Weird Video , a Seattle outfit that preserves immense amounts of motion-picture ephemera, from 1940s B movies to feature films made in pornography’s 1970s “golden age.” The company is offering three cassettes of Cold War-era instructional films, among them: Survival Under Atomic Attack, Duck and Cover (which begins with an animated turtle using its shell to protect itself from a dynamite-wielding monkey), Radiological Decontamination of Ships , and You Can Beat the A-bomb (if you should get radiation poisoning, “lie down and rest”). Something Weird Video, P.O. Box 33664, Seattle, WA 98133; .


Examining the personal lives behind the legends who fashioned our country, the four-part series Founding Fathers (History Channel, premiering November 27-30, 9:00 P.M. EST ) includes such sensational details as the purported manic depression of John Adams, James Madison’s anxiety attacks, and the sex scandal that almost ruined Alexander Hamilton. A cast of historians weighs in on why American independence mattered to each of the 10 men profiled.

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