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Time Machine

March 2024
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25 Years Ago

October 21, 1980 The Philadelphia Phillies win the only World Series in their history, defeating the Kansas City Royals four games to two.

50 Years Ago

October 8, 1955 The Brooklyn Dodgers win the only World Series in their history, defeating the New York Yankees four games to three.

75 Years Ago

October 30, 1930 Dr. Karl Landsteiner, of the Rockefeller Institute, wins the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine for his discovery of blood types. He is the first American to win the award.

100 Years Ago

October 31, 1905 Mrs. Warren’s Profession , by George Bernard Shaw, opens in New York City. Authorities close the play after one performance when Anthony Comstock, an anti-vice campaigner, complains about its theme of prostitution. After a trial, the play will be declared not obscene.

150 Years Ago

October 23, 1855 A convention of Free State settlers assembles in Kansas in defiance of the official, proslavery territorial government. It will adopt a constitution prohibiting slavery but will also pass a law barring all blacks from the state.

225 Years Ago

October 7, 1780 A force of 900 Continental troops, mostly frontiersmen, defeats 1,100 British and Loyalist soldiers at Kings Mountain, South Carolina. The Americans kill 150 men and take 700 prisoner.

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