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What Has Broad Stripes, Bright Stars, And Flies?

July 2024
1min read

Carol M. Heyne, public relations coordinator for New Idea Farm Equipment Company of Coldwater, Ohio, feels we did the organization an injustice when, in last August’s issue, we mentioned that it was manufacturing red, white, and blue manure spreaders for the Bicentennial.

“This is not a fact!” says Mrs. Heyne. “We never retailed, nor made available for retail, red, white and blue spreaders.

“However, earlier this year, one of our Model No. 224, 10-ton manure spreaders was hand-painted with red, white and blue stars and stripes and trimmed with golden eagle decals. This spreader was displayed, along with a banner reading, ‘Proud to be a part of America’s Agricultural Heritage,’ at several fairs and farm shows this year.

“The decision that a spreader would be painted patriotic red, white, and blue, was made largely because our founder, Joseph Oppenheim, was the inventor of the manure spreader, which dates back to 1899.

“In any case, I’m certain that agriculture-oriented people from throughout the United States delighted in seeing our Bicentennial Spreader and enjoyed it as a tribute to America’s 2ooth birthday.”

Above is the spreader in the dawn’s early light.

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