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Indian Country

June 2024
1min read

I have to admit to not feeling sympathy for the “white settlers” who inhabit the “white towns” in the middle of Indian land. Often they own the only stores and gas stations, the only pharmacies and banks. They can charge exorbitant prices on every item because they know we have no choice about where we can buy our toilet paper and food. I have been in white-run stores where the clerks follow you around and call Indians thieves—yet aren’t too proud to take our money.

I grew up with a biased view against white society as a whole, and I do what I can to survive in your world. I admit to feeling resentment at times, but what would you feel if your world had been stolen from you, your life ripped apart? Probably just as much forgiveness and understanding as we do.

Juanita Martin Columbus, Ohio

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