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Sites To See

June 2024
1min read

The Congress of Websites, run by the Independence Hall Association, focuses, despite its grand name, only on colonial-era Philadelphia, but its lively graphics, impeccable research, and games pages will appeal to anyone interested in history. Viewers can embark on a virtual marching tour of the Revolution, learn Liberty Bell trivia, read the Mayflower Compact and the Articles of Confederation, and visit “The Electric Franklin,” a section with biographies, quotes, video, and photos related to America’s premier Renaissance man. Kids can learn how to re-create some of his safer experiments.

The Rutgers Oral History Archives of World War Il presents 133 interviews, throwing in the occasional Red Cross woman or OSS member among the soldiers.

Who better than the Washington Post to create a site on Watergate? Its Watergate 25 offers such Post -specific features as a timeline with links to archived Post articles and transcripts of interviews with the newspapermen Bob Woodward and Ben Bradlee. Other sections include a “where are they now” of key players and the inevitable speculation about who Deep Throat was.

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