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Through A Veil, Darkly

July 2024
1min read

In our Readers’ Album feature (“High Camp”) for the August, 1977, issue, we were so concerned with getting the dogs Ned, Mose, and Rover correctly identified that we managed to misidentify the falls in front of which they and the rest of the Wyman Comedy Company were sitting in the Yosemite Valley. The falls were not Bridalveil Falls, as we stated, but upper Yosemite Falls, as a number of readers have let us know. Among them was Ivan Branson, historian for The Golden Chain Council of the Mother Lode, Inc., a California tourist organization: “Gosh, man, there are two and one-half million visitors a year to this place, and even the dogs know the difference. Bridalveil is three miles downstream from the 1,420-foot drop of upper Yosemite Falls. Incidentally,” Mr. Branson adds, “the entire valley has gone to the dogs this season—last week there wasn’t enough water falling from either of the two falls to be seen with the naked eye.”

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