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Vladimir Putin used historical references and a claim of fighting “fascism” to justify war on Ukraine, despite his own glaring Hitlerian behavior.

For nearly three decades the author has warned that if we ignored Putin's ambitions he would become a global problem.

The former foreign minister of Russia provides a unique look inside his country's leadership and reflects on the prospects for democracy there.

The words of Thomas Paine changed the course of history, and are still relevant as Ukrainians fight for the rights he articulated.

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We nearly lost our first president to the flu. The country could have died, too, by Gillian Brockell In 1790, George Washington fell severely ill, threatening his life and the young nation he led.
Yes, Women Could Vote After The 19th Amendment — But Not All Women. Or Men, by Melissa Block Even after that milestone, millions of people — women and men alike — were still excluded from the vote, as many barriers to suffrage remained.
I’m a Historian. I See Reason to Fear—And to Hope, by Joanne Freeman We can’t assume that all will be fine in the end, but history shows us that times of unrest are opportunities, too.
The Mask Slackers of 1918, by Christine Hauser As the influenza pandemic swept across the United States in 1918 and 1919, masks took a role in political and cultural wars.
How a Lincoln-Douglass Debate Led to Historic Discovery, by Ted Mann Texting exchange by two professors led to Frederick Douglass letter on Emancipation Memorial
In 'Hamilton', Angelica Schuyler's husband is called 'not a lot of fun.' Here's his real story, by Daryl Austin While the play's creator, Lin-Manuel Miranda, has delivered Hamilton his long-overdue public acclaim, many other historical figures are overlooked or represented in a less-than-flattering manner throughout the production.

    Today in History

  • Grand Jury opens against Aaron Burr

    In a Richmond courthouse, federal prosecutors begin grand jury proceedings against former Vice President Aaron Burr, accused of treason. The trial, argued before Chief Justice John Marshall, became one of the most controversial trials because of the defendant and the charges.

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  • Brooks beats Sumner in the US Capitol

    South Carolina Congressman Preston Brooks beats Massachusetts Senator Charles Sumner with his metal-tipped walking cane as Sumner worked at his desk in the United States Senate Chamber. Sumner, a firm opponent of the Kansas-Nebraska Act, had openly mocked Brooks's cousin, Senator Andrew Butler, and accused slave-owners of raping their slaves.

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  • Great Society announced

    While delivering a commencement address at the University of Michigan, President Lyndon B. Johnson announces his vision for the Great Society—a plan to eliminate racial prejudice and inequality, improve education, and reimagine health care. 

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