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An Arnold Chronology

May 2024
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1741 Born in Norwich, Connecticut.

1758 Enlists in a New York company for service in the French and Indian War.

1759–73 Deserts and returns to Norwich to finish an apprenticeship as a druggist. In time becomes a successful trader and shipowner.

1774 Elected captain of militia.

1775 Arrives in Massachusetts 10 days after the fighting at Lexington and Concord. Captures Fort Ticonderoga with Ethan Allen. Leads expedition to Quebec.

1776 Builds a fleet and fights it at Valcour Island.

1777 Leads a raid on Danbury, Connecticut. Is promoted to major general and assigned to the Northern Department to oppose Gen. John Burgoyne. Serves gallantly in the First and Second Battles of Saratoga, where he is badly wounded.

1778 Given command of Philadelphia.

1779 Accused of financial malfeasance. Marries Peggy Shippen. Begins negotiations to turn over West Point to the British.

1780 His treason discovered, he escapes and is commissioned brigadier general in the British Army.

1781 Leads a raid against New London, Connecticut, the Revolution’s last battle in the North. Goes to London and is offered no further field command.

1785 Sets himself up as a merchant shipper in St. John, New Brunswick.

1791 Returns to England, where he does poorly investing in privateers during the war with France.

1801 Dies.

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