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Historic Sites

Benicia Historical Museum
Benicia, California

During the 19th century, when Benecia was first being settled, the military built an ar

Benjamin Rowe House
Gilford, New Hampshire

About 1838, Gilford farmer Benjamin Rowe decided to try his hand at making bricks.

Bennett Place
Durham, North Carolina

In 1865 the Confederate General Johnston and Union General Sherman met at the Bennett P

Bergen County Historical Society
River Edge, New Jersey

The museum and library collections comprise the greatest survival of significant Bergen

Berkeley Plantation
Charles City, Virginia

One of Virginia's most historic plantations and the site of the first official Thanksgi

Bethlehem Historic District
Bethlehem, Pennsylvania

The Central Bethlehem Historic District is historically important beyond its current em

Billingsley House Museum
Upper Marlboro, Maryland

Although Major John Billingsley never lived on the property he acquired from Lord Balti

Bishop Hill
Bishop Hill, Illinois

Many consider the Jansonist emigration as the beginning

Bishop White House
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Tours are limited to 10 people, and tickets are distributed on a first-come, first-serv

Black Police Precinct And Courthouse
Miami, Florida

In September 1944, Miami's first five black police officers were sworn in and given the

Bleak House
Knoxville, Tennessee

Bleak House, an antebellum mansion of fifteen spacious rooms and wide halls, stands wel

Bledsoe's Fort Historic Park
Castalian Springs, Tennessee

Although the original building is no longer standing, the archaeological remains of Ble

Blount Bridgers House
Tarboro, North Carolina

The 1808 Blount-Bridgers House, “the Grove,” is a national historic landmark, is home t

Blue Earth County Historical Society
Mankato, Minnesota

The Blue Earth County Historical Society employs many tactics in order to keep the hist

Blumenschein Home & Museum
Taos, New Mexico

In the early autumn of 1898, a fortuitous accident resulted in Taos becoming a great Am

Boalsburg Heritage Museum
Boalsburg, Pennsylvania

Historical artifacts unique to the area can be seen on display in the museum.

Boca Raton Historical Society
Boca Raton, Florida

For visitors looking for a comprehensive experience of Boca Raton's history, nothing wi

Boiling Spring Academy
Brentwood, Tennessee

The Boiling Spring Academy is a restored 1830 one room school house located in Primm Hi

Bok Tower And Gardens
Lake Wales, Florida

In 1921, Edward W.

Bolduc House Historic Properties
Sainte Genevieve, Missouri

Built in 1770 out near the river on the Le Grand Champ field by Louis Bolduc, a Canadia

Bonnet House Museum & Gardens
Fort Lauderdale, Florida

The American artist Frederic Clay Bartlett used the Bonnet House as his winter residenc

Boone County Historical Society
Columbia, Missouri

The Boone County Historical Society was formally organized in 1963 and opened its first

Bosse Field
Evansville, Indiana

Named after Evansville mayor Benjamin Bosse, Bosse Field opened in 1915 and is one of t

Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site
Sedalia, Missouri

Sitting atop a 120-foot bluff, Bothwell Lodge State Historic Site can't be missed by tr

Bowen Plantation House
Goodlettsville, Tennessee

Captain William Bowen was awarded land grants for military services during the Revoluti

Bowne House Historical Society
Flushing, New York

It was built by John Bowne, who emigrated from England to Boston in 1649 and settled in

Boyd Tavern
Boydton, Virginia

The original Boyd Tavern was constructed in 1790, consisting of a small one-story dwell

Boykins Tavern Museum
Windsor, Virginia

Boykin inherited this land in 1780, as well as the house that had stood there since 176

Bradford Brinton Memorial & Museum
Big Horn, Wyoming

The Ranch House on the Quarter Circle A Ranch, on the National Register of Historic Pla

Bridge Hampton Historical Society
Bridgehampton, New York

The Corwith house was built c. 1840 by William Corwith (1791-1872).

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