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Bridge Hampton Historical Society

Bridge Hampton Historical Society

The Corwith house was built c. 1840 by William Corwith (1791-1872). At least part of the structure appears to pre-date the 1840's and may be in fact a portion of a house purchased by Henry Corwith (1758-1820) in the late 18th century. The present house was occupied by his descendants until the homestead was donated to the Hampton Library of Bridgehampton in 1960. The Corwith Homestead was leased by the Bridge Hampton Historical Society from the Hampton Library in 1961 with the eventual goal of purchasing the building and property. After a series of three year leases the Historical Society raised the funds to purchase the homestead in 1972. With the purchase of the house the Society also acquired a number of original documents and furnishings pertaining to the Corwith family. The Corwith family was involved in the local industry of the hamlet of Bridgehampton through their farming activities and boarding of summer visitors. The fact that the house seems to have been built, altered, and updated by a single family offers a unique opportunity to present the history of Bridgehampton hamlet over time through the examination of a single property.

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