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Historic Sites

Pt 658
Portland, Oregon

PT658 was built at the Higgins Industries Boatworks in New Orleans.

Ptf 26 Liberty
Sacramento, California

Liberty, PTF-26, is the last of the Vietnam-Conflict "Fast Patrol Boats".

Skenesborough Museum
Whitehall, New York

The Skenesborough Museum concentrates on the history of the area, along with a focus th

SS Red Oak Victory
Richmond, California

The ship has functioned as both a military and civilian vessel and its service record i

Steamship Historical Society of America
East Providence, Rhode Island

THE STEAMSHIP HISTORICAL SOCIETY OF AMERICA was established in 1935 as a means of bring

Submerged Heritage Preserve Program
Lake George, New York

Marked by buoys and open to divers are seven of the 900 bateaux used during the British

U.S. Naval Academy Museum
Annapolis, Maryland

The U.S.

U.s. Navy Seabee Museum And Memorial Park
North Kingstown, Rhode Island

The museum collects and displays materials associated with the US Navy Seabees, especia

U.S. Navy Submarine Force Museum
Groton, Connecticut

The only submarine museum operated by the U.S.

U.s. Navy Supply Corps Museum
Athens, Georgia

The U.S. Navy Supply Corps Museum, housed in the historic c.

U.S.S. Constitution Museum
Boston, Massachusetts

This naval museum is dedicated to the USS Constitution, the oldest warship still in com

U.S.S. Kidd
Baton Rouge , Louisiana

This extremely rare example of an American World War II Fletcher class destroyer is per

Uss Alabama Battleship
Mobile, Alabama

Displacing more than 44,500 tons, the USS ALABAMA measures 680 feet from stem to stern,

USS Arizona Memorial
Honolulu, Hawaii

The Memorial commemorates the site where World War II began for the United States and i

USS Barry
Washington, District Of Columbia

The Navy ship formed part of the quarantine of Cuba during the 1962 Missile Crisis.

Uss Blueback
Portland, Oregon

The USS Blueback, which features such postwar technological design innovations as the t

USS Constellation Museum
Baltimore, Maryland

The last all sail ship built by the U.S.

USS Constitution
Charlestown, Massachusetts

Nicknamed "Old Ironsides," the oldest warship still in commission first launched in 179

USS Hornet Museum
Alameda, California

With its participation in both World War II and the Apollo 11 manned moon mission, the

Uss Lexington
Corpus Christi, Texas

During the 1980's the U.S.

Uss Lucid
Rio Vista, California

The second Lucid (AM-458) was laid down by Higgins Inc.

USS Missouri
Honolulu, Hawaii

Residing today just outside of Hawaii's Pearl Harbor, this Iowa-class battleship was th

USS Nautilus
Groton, Connecticut

Launched in 1954, the USS Nautilus was the first nuclear-powered submarine ever constru

Uss Turner Joy
Bremerton, Washington

The USS Turner Joy (DD-951), famed Navy destroyer from the Vietnam War, is now maintain

USS Wisconsin
Norfolk, Virginia

This Iowa-class battleship was launched in late 1943 and went on to serve in multiple c

Vallejo Naval And Historical Museum
Vallejo, California

The Museum is located in Vallejo's historic Old City Hall and featur

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