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West Of The Pecos Museum

West Of The Pecos Museum

The West of the Pecos Museum contains three floors, over 50 rooms of exhibits, artifacts, history and West Texas lore, as well as a number of outdoor exhibits. The furnishings in the lobby are period items of the 1904 Orient Hotel and the original 1896 Saloon. The complete Saloon is just off the hotel lobby and contains the original bar and bullet holes from a "disagreement"... That left two gunfighters dead. The Saloon also contains it's original stairway to the upper bedroom, along with the "Bedroom Sign". The Railroad Room contains "Texas & Pacific Railroad" items from the 1881 era, plus 1890 period items from the "Santa Fe" and 1909 artifacts of the "Pecos Valley Southern" Railroad. The third floor of The Orient is home to a variety of exhibits ranging from the early days of the Oil & Gas Industry to Washtubs, Washboards and Flat-Irons used by pioneering women in the area. In the "Museum Park" our visitors will find The Chuck Wagon Exhibit along with the Farm and Ranch Exhibit. Both playing an instrumental part of the Pecos and the surrounding area's heritage.

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