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American Presidents Museum

American Presidents Museum

The museum offers a range of exhibits that trace the history of the American presidency. Visit the Oval Office, where you can issue your own Executive orders, learn about the Presidential Seal, take the Oath of Office and more about this center of activity in the West Wing - the President's work space. Tour the Hall of First Ladies, filled with First Lady memorbilia from Grace Coolidge through Laura Bush, you'll learn about the early duties and the locations of the offices of earlier First Ladies through today. See how they are the most trusted advisor to the President. Experience a journey through our nation's path to freedom as you view the Freedom Shrine, a collection of 28 of our nation's most powerful documents in history that have paved the path to the Freedoms we enjoy. Displayed are photographs of the actual document including the Mayflower Compact, the Declaration of Independence, WWII Instruments of Surrender, Roosevelt's Four Freedoms Speech and many more. View hundreds of treasured pieces of political Americana - vintage campaign, convention and inaugural collectibles dating from 1800's to today; authentic documents, Presidential signatures, official White House photos and much more.


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