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Arthur J. Moore Methodist Museum

Arthur J. Moore Methodist Museum

The Arthur J. Moore Methodist Museum, named after the Georgia Bishop of the Methodist Church who also served in World Wide Missions for over 20 years, began as a small library and became a Museum when it was dedicated in June 1966 and given its present name.

The Museum initially had a Southern Methodist focus and contained artifacts gathered by Moore during his travels. Dr. Charles Laymon, a noted theologian, writer and professor of Bible at the University of Florida, was initially responsible for the emphasis to gather John Wesley data and artifacts that rapidly began to fill the displays. Later, North Georgia clergyman, Rev. David Ogletree began making generous gifts from his substantial collection of Wesley historical artifacts, and many of these are now on display. A research library in the Museum has also expanded greatly through the years. The history of the development of American Methodism is taught through videos, displays and “circuit rides” through the Museum.

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