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Chucalissa Archaeological Museum

Chucalissa Archaeological Museum

Located on the loess bluffs about 10 km south of downtown Memphis ,Tennessee, Chucalissa is a small Late Mississippian town that encompasses a 3 m tall substructural mound, the remains of a second possible substructural mound, a well-defined plaza flanked by a ridge of house mounds, and various residential loci within an area of approximately 6 ha.

Radiocarbon determinations and stratigraphy indicate that the site was occupied for at least 100 years, beginning around A.D. 1400 and continuing into the early 1500s. Since the early 1960's, Chucalissa has been managed as an archeological park by the University of Memphis. The museum offers life-size exhibits, various programs and a partially reconstructed village which present the details of the everyday lives of the Indians who inhabited the area from about A.D. 1000 to 1500.

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