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Crosby Arboretum

Crosby Arboretum

The Pinecote Pavilion and the many wooden bridges that complement the lake were designed by award-winning architect Fay Jones, of Fayetteville, Arkansas, to enhance the artistic and functional aspects of the Arboretum.The Crosby Arboretum also manages over 1,000 acres in seven associated natural areas. The assemblages of carefully selected and protected lands nurture over 300 species of indigenous trees and shrubs as well as wildflowers and grasses. Rare, threatened, or endangered species of plants and wildlife are present at throughout the arboretum's preserves. Unusual plants have their place as well.

The arboretum protects and manages several lovely pitcher plant bogs both on site and within the natural areas. Edible, poisonous, and aromatic plants, too, are found at the arboretum. As the seasons unfold their splendor, the arboretum provides a clear, unobstructed view of the variety and beauty of our natural resources.

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