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Deerfield Beach Historical Society

Deerfield Beach Historical Society

The Deerfield Beach area saw significant development and growth in the wake of World War I. The city's Historical Society offers tours of three of the period's most prominent landmarks: the 1920 Old Deerfield School, the 1923 Historic Butler House, and the 1930 Kester Cottage.*

Today the Society is working hard to preserve three of Deerfield's historic sites: Old Deerfield School (circa 1920), Historic Butler House (circa 1923), and the Kester Cottage (circa 1930)...Educational programs and tours of the Deerfield Beach Historical Society's three historic sites are available for schools and youth and community organizations. Additionally, the Society hosts an annual lecture series and many special events, including the annual Harvest Supper, Santa Breakfast, and Old Fashioned Ice Cream Social.

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