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Delta Cultural Center

Delta Cultural Center

Split into two locations, the first main exhibit at The Depot, A Heritage of Determination, tells the story of the Arkansas Delta from prehistoric times to present. The story is also about the women and men of the Arkansas Delta, their triumphs and tragedies, past and present. The Native Americans who dwelt there first, and the Spanish and French explorers who encountered them, even the slaves brought here in chains, and the soldiers of the Civil War in Arkansas who fought over their freedom. The exhibit tells the Arkansas Delta story through words, photographs and artifacts, plus an exciting multi-media, searchable, computerized "scrapbook" of Delta memories and an activity for children of all ages, "The Great Boat Race."

The other location, known as the Visitors Center is home to Delta Sounds, a music area dedicated to the music of the Arkansas Delta - blues, gospel and rockabilly.

It also contains a live, daily-running blues radio show, King Biscuit Time.

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