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Dillon House

Dillon House

The Dillon House represents one of Fremont’s finest Victorian-era homes. It was constructed over the course of two years and is of a Towered Second Empire design. Elaborate pediments surmount the windows. Dental molding and cornices accentuate the first floor roofline. The double front doors and paneled foyer were fashioned from black walnut, while the rest of the home’s woodwork is of butternut. Interior rooms feature elaborate plasterwork and ornate stenciling. A profusion of walk-in closets is further testament to the family’s wealth, since such closets were considered luxury items and subject to additional taxation.

Charles and Ann Dillon raised eight children. Their beloved home remained in the family’s ownership until the death of Charlotte (Dillon) Ickes in 1960. Two years later, the Hayes Presidential Center, Inc. purchased the property. Today, the Dillon House is used by the Rutherford B. Hayes Presidential Center for special programming, educational and heritage tourism events, and rental by the general public. The home is filled with Victorian-era furnishings, some original to the Dillon family. Its downstairs rooms provide a unique setting for catered dinners and receptions for groups of 15 or more. Today, the home is experiencing a renewal of its former prestige thanks annual public events such as Victorian Teas, conducted annually from April to November.

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