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Dominican Sisters Of St. Cecilia

Dominican Sisters Of St. Cecilia

In her history of St. Cecilia Congregation, The Nashville Dominicans, Sister Rose Marie Masserano writes: “How is it that a small and remote Congregation survived periods of crisis, near dissolution, and the changes brought about by the renewal of the Second Vatican Council? The answer in part at least is life within. The Sisters of the St. Cecilia Congregation have valued a simple and straightforward manner of life. Historically, they have practiced poverty. In their educational endeavors they have preferred the solid and the unpretentious. Behind such attitudes has been a Dominican prayer life and discipline. The larger answer is not within our reach. It is related to the mystery of grace and God’s goodness.” As one looks back over the one hundred and fifty year history of St. Cecilia Congregation, it is evident that God’s guiding hand has been with the community since its foundation. “He gave this community from the beginning and maintained in it,” writes Sister Rose Marie, “the deep loving desire to answer faithfully to His call.”

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