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Eiteljorg Museum Of American Indians And Western Art

Eiteljorg Museum Of American Indians And Western Art

Eiteljorg described his collection as a very personal one that grew not only out of his interest in the West, but also out of his love and respect for Native Americans and their cultures, which reflect a deep regard for nature. This sense of oneness with nature is embodied in the museum's extensive collection of Native American art, including pottery, basketry, clothing, bead and quill work, and weavings.

Eiteljorg called his collection not only personal, but romantic. Eiteljorg's desire to collect extended beyond Western and Native American art. He amassed a sizable collection of paintings from the Paris School, as well as an extensive African and Oceanic collection, which is installed at the Indianapolis Museum of Art. Eiteljorg played an active role in the affairs of the museum that bears his name until his death in 1997. He served as chairman of the board, visited the museum and remained vitally interested in the museum's events, developments and growth.

Visitors can explore through the exhibits of contemporary Western art, animal wildlife, and an interactive stagecoach.

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