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Experimental Breeder Reactor #1

Experimental Breeder Reactor #1

On December 20, 1951, EBR-1 (Experimental Breeder Reactor 1) became the first power plant to produce useful electricity through atomic energy. EBR-1 operated from 1951 until 1964. In 1966, it was dedicated as a Registered National Historic Landmark. Both guided and self-guided tours educate visitors about this former nuclear power plant, as well as about current research and development at the U.S. Department of Energy's Idaho National Laboratory. EBR-1 was awarded a Save America's Treasures Grant by the Department of Interior. Funds from the grant have been used to install new, interactive displays in EBR-1. In addition to the displays at EBR-1, the Museum of Idaho in Idaho Falls received interactive displays through the program to tell the history of the Lab. The new displays were installed in May of 2005.

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