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Farmers Branch Historical Park

Farmers Branch Historical Park

The Gilbert House, built between 1856-1857, is the oldest rock structure in Dallas County still on its original foundation. Other local historic structures on the grounds include the 1937 Dodson House, home of the first Mayor of Farmers Branch; a one-room school that was once part of the Farmers Branch school from 1900-1915; and the original Farmers Branch railroad depot, built in 1877. Structures from outside of Farmers Branch have also been moved into the Park, such as three log structures in the log culture area; the lovely 1885 Queen Anne Victorian Cottage; and the circa 1890 Methodist Church. New to the Park is a replica 1930s Marathon Gas Station that houses another Farmers Branch original, the 1936 Glad Acres Cab Over Engine Ford truck, and a replica Peters Colony Land Grant Office.

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