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Fort Wayne Historical Society Museum

Fort Wayne Historical Society Museum

There are more than 23,000 artifacts in our collection, many of which are on permanent display in a series of exhibits at The History Center. Many of the exhibits include interactive elements, offering families a true "hands-on history" experience. The contributions of women and minorities are also well-represented, demonstrating the rich diversity of a multicultural community. Here are some of the highlights of what visitors may see.

Earliest Inhabitants: Early tools and weapons provide evidence of primitive society that apparently moved into this area as the last Ice Age came to an end. A mastodon's broken rib bone and a large tooth (molar) may be the remnants of a successful hunt.

Miami Indian History: Histories and images of Pacanne, Little Turtle, and Jean Baptiste de Richardville pay homage to the period when the Miami Indian village of Kekionga (near the confluence of our three rivers) was a major trade center in a world-wide market for furs and pelts. Items belonging to the great Miami chief Little Turtle are on display, most notably his watch and a ceremonial sword presented to him by President George Washington.

We hope you enjoy our work.

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