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Frontier Culture Museum Of Virginia

Frontier Culture Museum Of Virginia

The Frontier Culture Museum is an outdoor, living-history museum and educational institution of the Commonwealth of Virginia. The Museum currently features six permanent, outdoor exhibits comprised of original farm buildings from Britain, Germany, and Virginia. These buildings have been carefully documented, dismantled, transported to Virginia, and restored. The Museum's exhibits serve as the settings for interpretative and educational programs designed to increase public knowledge of the diverse Old World origins of early immigrants to America, of how these immigrants lived in their homelands, how they came to America, and how the way-of-life they created together on the American frontier has shaped the success of the United States. The Museum's plans for the future include the expansion of its exhibits and programs to include an American Indian and West African exhibits, a working grist mill, and mid-1800s American village. Visitors can see rare breeds of animals, help harvest crops, watch the blacksmith at work, and pitch in with crafts.


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