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Grave Creek Mound Archaeology Complex

Grave Creek Mound Archaeology Complex

Construction of the mound took place in successive stages from about 250-150 B.C., as indicated by the multiple burials at different levels within the structures. A massive undertaking, the total effort required the movement of more than 60,000 tons of earth. In 1838, road engineers measured its height at 69 feet and its at the base as 295 feet. Originally a moat of about 40 feet in width and five feet in depth with one causeway encircled it.

Artifacts and exhibits interpreting the lifestyle of the Adena people are displayed in the Delf Norona Museum, adjacent to the 2,000 year old mound. The museum also features a gift shop and a gallery where fine art is exhibited throughout the year. Grave Creek Archaeology Complex also maintains a 150-seat theater with a small stage.

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