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Hart Cluett House

Hart Cluett House

The marble-faced structure known as the Hart-Cluett House is one of the finest intact houses of the late Federal period in America. Constructed as a gift for his only child, Betsey Howard Hart, and her husband, Richard P. Hart, by wealthy New York merchant and banker William Howard, the house represents the best in design and craftsmanship of the period. The house was architecturally sophisticated, exhibiting many stylistic details associated with homes of the same period in New York City. The house was technologically advanced, as well, as evidenced by its heating and plumbing systems.

The Hart-Cluett house has survived virtually intact in Troy while its contemporaries in New York City have all been destroyed. A restoration effort, begun in 1983, recreated its 19th century appearance. Visitors can tour the home and learn about the prominent Hart and Cluett families.

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