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Henry County Historical Society

Henry County Historical Society

A group of twenty-two interested individuals met at the Henry County Courthouse on February 24, 1970, for the purpose of organizing a historical society. Robert Gilson was the presiding offficer. The stated purpose of the meeting was to form a historical society within the county to perpetuate the county, to learn about and preserve the past of the county, and to generate interest in the past of the count.

Three persons, Nat Belknap, E. Howard Bond and Genevieve Eicher, were selected to act as trustees to request the State of Ohio permission to bring the organization of the historical society into full status of an incorporation. Harold Hoff was elected to act as a statutory agent. The Articles of Incorporation were signed. Fifteen trustees were selected and were as follows: Marion Greenler, Herman Wesche, Julian Luebker, Robert Mann, Freida Bruns, Russell Patterson, Emmett Mann, Ed Peper, Lillian Reiser, Eldor Gathman, Henry Eggers, Nat Belknap, Robert Gilson, Harold Hoff and Genevieve Eicher. Elected as president was Judge Robert Gilson, secretary was Harold Hoff, and treasurer as Marion Greenler.

The Society cooperated in the observing of the 150th anniversary of Henry County by displaying a number of Henry County historical items at the Henry County Fair in August, 1970.

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