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Historic Rittenhousetown

Historic Rittenhousetown

At the heart of the thriving early industrial community known as RittenhouseTown, the first paper mill in British North America built by William Rittenhouse and his son, Nicholas, occupied the north bank of the Monoshone Creek. A second mill, Homestead and Bake House quickly followed. For the next 200 years, while eight generations of Rittenhouse family members continued to live and work all along the Monoshone and Wissahickon Creeks, the focus of the community remained this intimate cluster of buildings enclosing both public and private space. Visitors to Historic RittenhouseTown today can still experience the sense of community which has characterized this unique spot since the 17th century. The area includes the 1707 Rittenhouse Homestead, ca. 1730 Bake House, ca. 1720 Visitor Center, and ca. 1845 Enoch Rittenhouse Home.

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