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Hope Lodge And Mather Mill

Hope Lodge And Mather Mill

Hope Lodge was built between 1743 and 1748 by Samuel Morris, a prosperous Quaker entrepreneur. Morris acted as a farmer, shipowner, miller, ironmaster, shopowner, and owner of the mill now known as Mather Mill. Hope Lodge is an excellent example of early Georgian architecture, and it is possible that Edmund Woolley, architect of Independence Hall, offered advice in building. Samuel Morris owned the estate until his death in 1770, when it was inherited by his brother Joshua. Joshua in turn sold the property and dwelling to another Philadelphia merchant, William West. Mather Mill is also called Farmar's Mill. It was probably built in the late 17th century by Edward Farmar and was included in the 150 acres purchased by Samuel Morris. Samuel Morris's brother sold the mill and four acres of land to Isaac Mather, whose son built the present mill in 1820. It continued in operation until the late 19th century, and today is available for viewing.

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