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Hotel Halbrook Railroad And Local History Museum

Hotel Halbrook Railroad And Local History Museum

The first floor lobby and an upstairs hotel room have been furnished to represent the hotel's railroad heritage -- which is, of course, Dickson's heritage. This interpretation also includes the hotel dining room. The drummer's (travelling salesman) room, now used as the museum's gift shop, often served as a gathering place for drummers after meals and in the evenings. The Goad-Clement family rooms are located on the first floor and have been restored to the 1920-22 period.

Other exhibits include Dickson County history and commerce, the Civil War, the railroad, and an exhibit space for travelling exhibits and special programs.

Governor Frank Goad Clement was born in Room #5 on June 2, 1920. Clement became the longest serving modern Tennessee Governor (1953-59; 1963-67) and, at age 32, the nation's youngest. During his tenure which led to national prominence, Clement organized the state's first department of mental health, oversaw the planning and construction of Tennessee's Intertstate Highway System, provided free textbooks for students, and successfully led the state through integration of public schools.

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