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Hyde Log Cabin

Hyde Log Cabin

This one-and-a half story structure was built by Jedediah Hyde, Jr. circa 1783. Made of 14- to 18-inch diameter cedar logs, the cabin consists of one 20' x 25' room, with a massive fireplace at one end and an overhead loft.

In 1945, the Vermont Historical Society acquired the cabin, moved it about two miles to its present location, and stabilized it for further restoration. In 1952, the cabin was turned over to the Vermont Historic Sites Commission and the stabilization was completed by the Department of Forests and Parks. An agreement with the newly formed Grand Isle County Historical Society allowed that organization to furnish the cabin and use it as a meeting place, museum, and local information center. In 1985 further restoration of the cabin was undertaken by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation, the successor to the Historic Sites Commission. This work included the reconstruction of the original roof proportions which returned the cabin to its original, documented appearance. The cabin is owned and maintained by the Vermont Division for Historic Preservation.

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